• Licensed and regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and Financial Conduct Authority
  • Software Used: WebTrader, Windows Trader, Android and Windows Phone Apps
  • 20% – 30% Revenue Share Commissions
  • $200 – $800/Referral CPA Commissions
  • Payment options: Paypal, Skrill, Wire Transfers
  • Updated statistics for referrals and commissions

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500Affiliates offers very high CPAs and has been around for many years in business. Aspiring affiliate marketers looking for a trading platform to promote would do well to check out Plus500Affiliates, the official affiliate program of the Plus500 CFDs. This trading platform has exchanges in Europe, UK, the US, as well as Asia, and is currently considered as one of the fast-rising companies in the industry. What’s great about the platform is that its traders aren’t just limited to trading CFDs. It also facilitates trades in Indices, Stocks, Options, Commodities, as well as FOREX. Affiliates who are able to successfully refer traders to the platform are also regaled with these generous commissions:

CPA Commissions

0-5 New Traders = $200 – $700
6-10 New Traders = $250 – $750
10+ New Traders = $300 – $800

Revenue Share Commissions

0-5 Qualified Traders = 20% of MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue)
6-10 Qualified Traders = 25% of MGR
10+ Qualified Traders = 30% of MGR

It’s important to note that there is no fixed rate for affiliates who choose CPA Commissions. The commissions they’ll receive will differ based on where their referred traders came from. For example, a referred trader from Australia will net the affiliate at least $700 while another one from Austria would result in the affiliate getting at least $600. Additionally, affiliates can request a Hybrid Plan where they can get both CPA commissions (again the rates here are dependent on the referred trader’s country of origin) as well as a fixed 18% share of the MGR generated from the affiliate’s referred traders’ trades.

Plus500Affiliates will automatically process payments on the tenth of every month provided the affiliate’s commissions reach at least $150. For their part, affiliates can choose to get paid through Wire Transfer, Skrill, or Paypal. In the event that the commissions on the affiliate’s account have not reached the minimum requirement, the payment will then be deferred to the next month or once the affiliate’s account balance reaches the $150 minimum.

As a FOREX trading platform, Plus500 is still fairly new. However, it’s relative age doesn’t have any bearing in the kinds of services and security that it offers its traders. Not only does it have the requisite licenses, it’s also regulated by some of the most reputable financial services regulators in the world (i.e. ASIC and CySEC). In terms of its offerings for its traders, Plus500 has proprietary trading software that can be used on a variety of platforms (namely Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android). The trading platform also offers no-deposit bonuses that are perfect for traders who are still undecided.

Provided that you reside in a country where Plus500Affiliates accepts registrations from then you’ll find the whole process extremely easy and straightforward. Once an affiliate has registered, he/she can immediately start promoting Plus500 thanks to the availability of marketing and promotional tools provide by the program. The program has smart links, banners, landing pages, and mailers that affiliates can use to attract and refer potential traders. Additionally, the program will also provide affiliates with reporting and analytical tools that can be used to help improve referral strategies. For affiliates looking to maximize their earnings, joining Plus500Affiliates should be a no-brainer.

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