• Registered in Cyprus and licensed as well as regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Software used: Social Web Trader, proprietary affiliate software
  • Up to 35% Revenue Share
  • Up to $500 CPA
  • Hybrid CPA and Revenue Share commissions
  • Payment options: Bank Transfer
  • Multi-lingual promotional/marketing tools
  • Referral/commission stats are updated in real time

Overview & Commission

The Tradeo social trading platform and its official affiliate program is definitely worth checking out for affiliates who want to promote a high-conversion and rewarding brand. Managed by FXGlobe Ltd, a company based in Cyprus, the brand boasts of being at the forefront of Social Trading. What this means is that Tradeo’s trading platform integrates a lot of the features that have made social networks so successful. These features take out the complexity of older platforms and thus allowing people to make more informed trades. Thanks to the social nature of this platform, referred traders will tend to stay longer. Affiliates who take advantage of this high retention rate will get these commissions:

CPA Commissions – Up to $500
Revenue Share Commissions – Up to 35%

The Tradeo Affiliate Program also has a hybrid commission structure for affiliates who can consistently exceed the number of traders they can refer every month. As its name implies, this commissions structure combines Revenue Sharing with the CPA Commissions. It should be noted though that this commissions structure is subject to the approval of the program and is not readily available to affiliates who’re still starting their referral campaigns.

Payment Options

Much like the trading platform itself, the Tradeo Affiliate Program only supports payouts through wire/bank transfer or check. It is possible to use other payment methods but these will have to be those that the program chooses. It’s also important to note that the program will only process a payout to an affiliate once his/her commissions reach $500. If the affiliate’s commission for a month doesn’t reach this amount, then the payout will be deferred to the next month or whenever it has reached the minimum requirement. In the event that the affiliate’s commissions don’t reach the minimum payout amount in six months, the program will void any future payout and cancel the affiliate agreement.

Promoted Brands

As noted earlier, Tradeo is a social trading platform. As a trader, you can use this platform to access 100 FOREX and CFD instruments. What sets this trading platform apart though is that you can check out what other traders are doing. This social feature not only allows you to connect and check with other traders though. It will also allow you to see other traders’ gains and losses as well as copy their trades. In this manner, traders who are just beginning will have an easier time learning from those who’re already successful. Of course, it is also possible to sync your trades from Tradeo’s Social WebPlatform to the more popular (yet lacking in social features) MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Sign-Up and Affiliate Support

Signing up for a Tradeo Affiliate Program account can take a bit of time. Registering for a trader account (which is required) is easy and free but an online affiliate or introducing broker application will require review and approval from the affiliate program first. Don’t worry though since these approvals will usually just take around 24 hours to be processed. Once approved, an affiliate can then proceed to promoting the Tradeo platform using the wealth of promotional materials provided by the program. It’s also important to take note that affiliate websites aren’t really required for promoting the platform. Affiliates can also use email marketing, social media, and other means to refer traders. Still not convinced that the Tradeo Affiliate Program might be for you? Check out the official site now to know more.