Tips For Comparing Home Insurance Quotes

Tips For Comparing Home Insurance Quotes

Everyone is looking for the most comprehensive home insurance quotes at the lowest rate. Finding the best deal can, however, be time-consuming and tedious. Just a little research, time and an understanding of how home insurance works can simplify the process.

The process starts with getting your own house in order:

1. Understand Your Needs

The more cover you receive from a policy, the more you are likely to pay. To narrow it down to what you really need and look for providers who offer products that are versatile and can be adapted to your needs. Make a list of all your household items and only insure those that you need to.

2. Already Insured

Keep in mind items that may already have been insured such as your smartphone, tablets and other gadgets that may be lying around the home. You don’t need to add these to your household policy if they are already covered. Cross these off your list of items that need to be covered.

3. Home Security Measures

The better your home security, the lower a quote should be. So make a few simple upgrades and updates to your existing home security measures . It isn’t necessary to spend a huge amount of money on these improvements – remember that the goal at the end of the day is to save money. Keep in mind that improving you home security will also give you better peace of mind.

4. Fire Safety

Some simple home your safety measures  can also help lower a quote. Do a quick-fire risk assessment of your home and identify ignition sources, fire hazards and other risks. Take measures to minimize these hazards. It is also important to ensure that you have a fire alarm system as well as fire extinguishers in the home. A sprinkler system or other extinguishing system is a bonus but once again, don’t let the cost of installing one outweigh the savings you are likely to get from the effort you are making to lower your home insurance quotes.

5. Neighborhood Watch

Did you know that joining the local neighborhood watch  in your area can qualify you for a discounted rate?

These next tips are all ways to reduce the rate of your cover and it is best to take them before starting an actual comparison of home insurance quotes. When it comes to the actual quotes, here are 5 top comparison techniques:

6. Shop Around

The quickest way to get the lowest quotes is to use an online comparison portal. These will provide you with a number of different estimates from a variety of different providers according to the specifications that you enter. However, it is still recommended to contact each of these providers independently in order to find out what benefits they provide and whether any of your cost-saving measures you have taken will make a difference to your estimated rate.

It may also be beneficial to visit a broker who has knowledge and experience in the industry and will do all the hard work of comparing different providers and their products for you. A broker has your best interests at heart and wants to retain your business as they get paid by the provider to sell their products. A broker will also be your go-between for the duration of your policy and will assist you in sorting out claims, complaints or any other problems that may arise.

7. Bonus Benefits

Be wary of providers who offer free or bonus benefits. These can be in the form of free legal advice, emergency cover, accidental damage, etc. These benefits are not actually free and are simply worked into the rate that you have been quoted. If these added extras are offered as optional benefits at an additional cost, it is best to weigh up your need carefully. In most cases, you will never need the extra benefit and it may cost you less to provide for these needs separately from your household cover.

8. Under One Umbrella

The more insurance you have with one provider, the lower a quote is likely to be. So insure your household contents together with your homeowners insurance. Some providers offer package deals that may allow you to cover your vehicles, life and other needs along with your household contents for an even lower rate.

9. Pay Upfront

Few people are aware that they have the option to pay for their cover upfront and that this can provide them with a huge savings on their monthly premium or rate. Find out what the lump sum payment for a year and whether you will be able to afford the amount.

10. Compare Apples With Apples

It is best to compare each benefit provided rather than just looking at one aspect of the policy or the cost. Make sure that you are only comparing the same or similar benefits with one another. Also remember to compare limitations, restrictions and that all-important excess. A lower rate may mean that you are getting reduced benefits and a much higher excess when you need to claim.

11. Additional Fees And Charges

Insurance providers are notorious for charging a range of administrative and other fees to provide you with a policy and certain services. Pay attention to these charges and make sure to compare them when you do your benefit and rate comparison. You should receive the same level of service from a provider regardless of the amount they charge for administrative purposes.

12. Don’t Settle For The Cheapest Quote

You can easily get burnt by simply picking the cheapest of the home insurance quotes on offer. A policy that costs a little more but provides better benefits is always the better option. Rather calculate how much you can afford to pay for the level of cover that you need and then look for a policy that provides the best benefits within that price range.

It is recommended to compare quotes from at least 3 different providers to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

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