Top 3 Sensitive Data Tools

Top 3 Sensitive Data Tools

As of lately, there have been several reports of breaches when it comes to data. And with new and improved regulations, it is now of great importance that organizations classify and continue to protect their sensitive data from hackers and others. Our article features the top 3 sensitive data tools within the industry to date.

First on our list is the Window Server File Classification Infrastructure. This system was introduced to the Windows Server in 2008, and it was set out to aid companies large and small as they stored and classified their sensitive data on servers. Due to its design, the system allows its administrators the privilege of creating certain rules that go on to classify files automatically according to certain desired criteria’s. These being either their general content or even their location, and then performing actions such as data movement or even encryption.

Second on our list is the Azure Information Protection, an upgrade in the data tools list. This is simply due to the fact that Azure allows its users to store data as well as classify with the use of cloud-based solutions. These are typically done when organizations apply labels to their desired sensitive data. The Azure system fully protects data no matter the action being applied to it such as movement or even when at rest and it can set to be done via automated processes or manually according to the organization and their needs.

Azure utilises labels which we previously mentioned and they are used within their system as a means of decision making when it comes to deciding what should be encrypted or not and also the user rights. This just simply means that the organization can select which of its staff are allowed to print sensitive data as well as even those who are allowed to email information to external parties. And it also gives the those in authority the power to track any activity on the server when it comes to sensitive data search.

And last on our list is that of the Netwrix Auditor. This particular system has been set in such a way that it searches, finds and also readily classifies any sensitive data found on any of an organizations server. These can range from either SharePoint, Office 365 and many others. Countless users of this particular system have said that it sets up and manages rather easy and it also comes with hundreds of rules which are set for classification.

The Netwrix Auditor also enables its users to not only customise already set rules but it allows them to create their own desired rules that abide by their organization’s practices. Additionally, the built-in search engine serves for quick action as it finds data according to the search parameters which were set by the user. And organizations can also use this particular system to generate reports based on their servers.

As we conclude we have just looked at the top three sensitive data tools on the current market. You should aim to secure all the sensitive data of your organization. So, don’t forget to check them out today!

James Alfaro

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